H-Model of Holistic Software EngineeringHolistic Software Consulting are the creators of Holistic Software Development a free process framework visualized as a "big picture" for large/complex organizations. Combining Lean Portfolio, Programme and Project Management practices with agility, complex software practices and soft practices into the H-Model, HSD provides a standard proven framework that can be used to run complex software enterprises.

We specialize in the application and implementation of modern business management, systems and software development practices in all types of organization large, small simple and complex. We are experts in transformational programs and the business change practices required to make your organization successful.

HSE Branded SwagWe provide our own highly experienced consultants and carefully selected accredited partners worldwide. Our partner organizations have broad industry experience and in depth knowledge of HSD - together we can guide and help you implement this ground breaking holistic approach to post-agile transformation.

We regularly work as part of client teams, often with our partners or other companies, but always for you.

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