HSD Accredited Partnership Program

Anyone can use Holistic Software Development for free but only our HSD Accredited Partners are recommended by us. They have passed our in depth behavioral accreditation process and so have proven knowledge of HSD and adoption best practices. Our partners have a proven track record in successful technical business change and software process improvement.

HSD Accredited Partner status cannot be simply bought and is not based on a multiple choice quiz after a few days of a course. Our Accredited Partners can be trusted to be HSD Experts.


Could you be the next HSD Accredited Partner?

HSE Swag!Contact us to find out more about being an Accredited Partner. Our partner benefits include:

  • Valuable HSD Accreditation status
  • No risk, high value non-traditional partnership and collaboration model
  • A profile with logo, links and social media links on the HSD website
  • HSD Adoption Sales Leads - you own your leads and some of ours!
  • Unlimted access to official HSD training material, workshop materials and positioning materials
  • Unlimited access to official HSD marketing material
  • Access to our partners only areas for expert discussion, co-partnering opportunities and lead exchange

Our first candidate partners are currently going through accreditation - do you have the skills and experience to join them?


Partnership Agreement

Part of our partnership agreement details parts of the HSC Business Plan and so is confidential, however here is the public part of the agreement.

Holistic Consulting Ltd. is referred to as "HSC". "We" refers to HSC unless explicitly stated. Any comment on HSC future plans should be treated as confidential and should not be shared to any person, organisation or other entity without prior clearance from HSC on a case by case basis.

Accredited Partner Subscription Rights

HSC will create training, sales and promotional material ("HSD Material") that will be made available to Accredited Partners as part of their annual subscription. Partner subscription provides access for our partners, as frequently as required, to HSD material for business purposes including sales, training courses and other promotional activity delivered by HSD Accredited Partners.

We aim to actively encourage and assist our partners in the promotion of HSD and as such we do not feel it appropriate to levy a "per delegate per day fee" on training material as we believe this acts as a disincentive to the growth of both HSD and our partners' businesses.

In effect the Accredited Partner annual licence/subscription gives access to, and use, of HSD Material by our partners, for the period of the agreement. Naturally we will encourage feedback and incorporate changes, additions and improvements to the material as suggested by our partners subject to internal HSC change control processes.

Partner Intellectual Property

If partners create their own HSD based or supplemental training material they have a choice on what they do with it, either it can remain their IP and the partner can use their own material as they deem necessary or they can contribute it to HSD.

If partners wish to contribute their content to HSD to make it "official", badged as HSD content, on the HSD website and reusable to other partners then all rights to the content (including copyright) would need to be transferred to HSC, the partner will be credited with the creation of the material on the HSE website.

To keep HSD cohesive, high quality and free of multiple copyright concerns that can cause legal issues in some territories the HSD body of knowledge is solely owned and guided by HSC. For this reason any material that is an official part of HSD must be owned by HSC. Partners are free to contribute, or not, their content at their discretion. Partner content that is not contributed to HSD must not be presented as HSD Material but as supplemental content.

Partner HSD Sales Leads

Accredited partners wholly own their own sales leads and engagements. HSC welcomes, but does not require, opportunities to support partner engagements based on HSD. If a partner cannot resource an engagement themselves HSC will seek to facilitate partner-to-partner collaborations wherever possible and encourages HSC partners to share engagements with each other for mutual benefit.